Monday, October 31, 2016

Forevergreen Prodigy-5 with TransArmor Technology

Forevergreen Prodigy-5 with TransArmor TM  Nutritional Absorption Enhanced Technology

1. Micro nutrient formula for general health and eye health
2. Anti-oxidant profile
3. Nutritional absorption enhancing technology
4. Global system for sharing

Anti-oxidant Profile:

1. Pomegranate
2. Raspberry
3. Phytoplankton
4. Cur-cumin

TransArmor TM  Nutrient Technology has two Phases

1. Immediate
Starts to immediately absorb as you drink it

2. Intestinal
Uses two molecules - The first allows solubility and protection
The second molecule prepares the intestines for absorption enhancement for the
nutrients in Prodigy-5

The two couple - one to protect and one to deliver!

It survives the harsh stomach and goes into the small intestine where it can absorb nutrients.

This is huge folks!

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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Prodigy-5 Pre-Launch Pack Ends October 28 2016

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 Dr. Ambati

Private live training with Drs. Ambati and Saucedo on Oct 29
$20.00 USD 20 QV/CV

6 Cases of Prodigy-5
Prodigy-5 Pre-Launch Pack (6 Cases)
$299.95 USD 250 QV/CV

FG Prodigy-5 Success
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By purchasing the $20.00 USD live training you automatically reserve your spot in line to be the first to get the Prodigy-5 Pre-Launch Pack, as well as lock in the exclusive Autoship price for life!
*Your $20.00 USD ticket purchase acknowledges that your payment method will be charged at the time of the official product pre-launch in the amount of $299.95 USD (or the equivalent amount based on your local currency) plus tax and shipping for the Prodigy-5 Pre-Launch pack. Lifetime Autoship pricing will only be honored for those who maintain an ongoing, active Autoship profile without interruption once the Autoship option becomes available. 

To become a member and receive this offer, you must join as a member with a product purchase first.
The 20.00 live training is not eligible as a product purchase to become a member.

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