Thursday, November 17, 2016

Join Forevergreen with Prodigy-5 Today

Happy Holidays Early!  Free Forevergreen Membership Promotion Extended!

Throughout the duration of the extended Prodigy-5 Pre-Launch, we will be waiving all Membership fees*. There has never been a better time to join ForeverGreen!

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*While the $12.00 USD membership fee will be waived, new Members must complete a first order to active their Membership.

Extended Prodigy-5 Pre-Launch Pack

We have created a new $20.00 USD pack* that will get you exclusive access to a special U of YOU with Ron Williams on January 3, 2017, and reserve your place in line to get the Prodigy-5 Pre-Launch Pack at a $75.00 USD savings!

u of you forevergreen

Prodigy-5 Secrets to Success with
Ron Williams 
$20.00 USD 20 QV/CV

Prodigy-5 Pre-Launch Pack (6 Cases)
$299.95 USD 250 QV/CV

prodigy 5 savings

Lock in your Autoship Pricing for life*
 $99.95 USD Fully Quailfied +90 CV

*Your $20.00 USD ticket purchase acknowledges that your payment method will be charged at the time of the official product pre-launch in the amount of $299.95 USD (or the equivalent amount based on your local currency) plus tax and shipping for the Prodigy-5 Pre-Launch pack. Lifetime Autoship pricing will only be honored for those who maintain an ongoing, active Autoship profile without interruption. 

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